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Have you every considered an ESOP for your business? Perhaps you are an owner who will retire soon and would like to ensure security for the employees who have helped you build your company? Or maybe you would like to diversify some of your investment in your company, but would still like to keep ownership that you can transfer to either a son or daughter? Or perhaps you are simply looking for ways to expand or increase profitability and productivity?

If you have had these questions, you have come to the right place.

Since 1981, Phenneger & Associates (P&A), Inc. has been involved in the design, implementation, and administration of hundreds of Employee Stock Ownership Plans throughout the Northwest and other parts of the United States. P&A is experienced in assisting both small and large organizations in a variety of industries in accomplishing their goals through an ESOP. P&A is a boutique company that has a comprehensive "hands on" approach, whereby its staff works directly with you in all aspects of the ESOP transaction, making sure that everyone understands what is taking place and why it is required.
If you are interested in P&A’s services or would like to determine whether an ESOP is right for you, please contact us at 208-773-8406, or at Dick Phenneger can also be reached directly by sending an e-mail to:
P&A offers a seminar DVD and workbook that covers the basics of ESOPs. To order the DVD set, simply go to Info Request Tab on this website. We will be happy to send you the DVD set free of charge.

We will also structure a special seminar for you and your key managers to be presented at a location of your choice.

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